The Complete Guide to Flyff’s Flying Mounts

Flyff, or Fly For Fun, is a popular MMORPG with a unique gameplay feature that sets it apart from other games in the genre. One of the most beloved features in Flyff is the ability to obtain flying mounts. These mounts greatly enhance the gameplay experience, allowing players to move around the game world faster and access new areas. In this complete guide to Flyff’s flying mounts, we’ll explore everything you need to know to get your own flying mount in Flyff.

Getting Started

Before you can obtain a flying mount, you’ll need to reach level 20. Once you’ve reached level 20, you’ll receive a quest from an NPC called Ponggras. The quest is called “The Mysterious Robe,” and it requires you to defeat a group of monsters and retrieve a robe. After you complete the quest, you’ll receive a gift box that contains a Green Scooter, a non-flying mount that will help you move faster on the ground.

Once you have the Green Scooter, you can start working towards getting a flying mount. There are several ways to obtain a flying mount in Flyff, and we’ll explore each of them in detail below.

Cash Shop

The easiest way to get a flying mount is to purchase one from the in-game cash shop. The cash shop offers a variety of flying mounts, each with its own unique appearance and stats. You can purchase a flying mount using real money or in-game currency. Keep in mind that some of the more powerful flying mounts can be quite expensive, so be prepared to save up if you want the best ones.

Mystic Boats

Mystic Boats are another way to obtain a flying mount in Flyff. Mystic Boats are special items that can be obtained by completing certain quests or by opening treasure boxes. When you use a Mystic Boat, it transforms into a flying mount that you can ride. Mystic Boats don’t last forever, however – they have a limited duration and will disappear after a certain amount of time.


Some quests in Flyff reward players with flying mounts. One such quest is “The Tooth Fairy,” which rewards players with a Tooth Fairy Box. The box contains a Tooth Fairy, a flying mount that looks like a tooth with wings. Other quests that reward flying mounts include “Master of Charisma” and “Green Planet.”


Balloons are a unique type of flying mount in Flyff. Unlike other flying mounts, balloons don’t require a player to be mounted to use them. Instead, balloons are items that players can use to temporarily lift themselves into the air. Balloons can be obtained from various sources, including the Gacha Box and the cash shop.

Upgrading Your Flying Mount

Once you have a flying mount, you’ll want to make sure it’s as powerful as possible. You can upgrade your flying mount using Upgrade Scrolls. Upgrade Scrolls increase the stats of your flying mount, making it stronger and more powerful. There are different types of Upgrade Scrolls, each with its own effect. Be sure to choose the Upgrade Scrolls that best suit your needs.

Flying in Flyff

Flying is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Flyff. Flying mounts allow players to traverse the game world quickly and explore new areas. To fly, press the F key on your keyboard. This will activate your flying mount. Once you’re in the air, use the directional keys to control your flying mount. You can also use the mouse to change your direction more finely.

One thing to keep in mind when flying in Flyff is that flying mounts have a limited duration. When your flying mount runs out of time, you’ll need to land and either mount another flying mount or walk on the ground. Make sure you keep an eye on your flying mount’s duration so you don’t get stuck in the air without a way to land.


Flying mounts are an essential part of Flyff. They allow players to travel faster and explore new areas, making the game even more exciting. Getting your own flying mount is easy, and there are several ways to obtain one. Whether you purchase a flying mount from the cash shop, complete quests, or use Mystic Boats, you’ll have a great time soaring through the skies of Flyff. So what are you waiting for? Get your own flying flyff Flying mounts mount today and start exploring all that Flyff has to offer!